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新闻来源: 美国JRs之声 于 2017-11-13 9:04:43  


LeBron on Dirk: "He set the standard, along with KG and Timmy D. and Kobe, on what it means to be a professional."


Dwyane Wade on Dirk Nowitzki: "He's definitely one of the greatest players in the game."


[–]HeatLukeBron 683 指標 17小時前

Dwyane Wade on NBA: "It's a league where people play Basketball"


[–]Celtics BandwagonDabTwerkSkrt 4 指標 16小時前

fake cough he’s definitely one of the greatest players in the game fake cough


[–]76erskiaseki 187 指標 15小時前

Honestly I'd love if there was an interview series that asked great players really hard questions. To Shaq: "As one of the greatest players of all time, why do you feel the need to be so insecure about your accomplishments?" To Lebron+Wade: "How do you reflect back on the time you two made of fun of Dirk being sick? To Steve Kerr: "What the fuck were you smoking when you named your son Nick Kerr?" I know no one would want to be on the show, and even the ones that agreed to be on the show would give dumb cop out answers, but man I'd pay a shit load for genuine responses.


[–]CavaliersMotherCanada 135 指標 14小時前

Holy shit his son is actually called Nick Kerr?


[–][GSW] Stephen CurrySzacuneczek 23 指標 13小時前

Not from USA, can someone explain me what is wrong with his name?


[–]Heatimtheonlyonehere 65 指標 13小時前

If you say it fast it sounds like prob the worst racial slur in the american english language.


[–][POR] Al-Farouq AminuKyleLousy 19 指標 13小時前

Wade and lebron probably realized it was just an immature mistake. Dirk even said it wasn't a big deal he just thought it was unfunny.


[–]ThunderNinetyFish 19 指標 13小時前

Dirk just took the high road.

Like Yao did when Shaq told him “Ching chong blah blah blah”.

If the media didn’t make such a big fuss of everything, we might be able to see players actually admit something pissed them off for once.


就像沙克对姚明说“Ching chong blah blah[译注1]”时姚明的反应一样。



[–]Mavericksrhynoman 186 指標 14小時前

[–]NBAbird-nado 5 指標 6小時前

[–]MyNewAccount962 439 指標 13小時前

Dirk will play his whole career with 1 team. That's quite an accomplishment. And quite rare in the NBA now.

Could have left but stayed all this time.



[–]SwitzerSweet 243 指標 13小時前

loyalty loyalty loyalty


[–]Spurssleal 187 指標 12小時前

Goes both ways. Cuban loves him some Dirk


[–]Lakerskultureisrandy 97 指標 12小時前

I think Cuban would love any player who is highly motivated and willing to take paycuts in favor of the team


[–]Mavericksdeknegt1990 126 指標 11小時前

Dirk will get his paycuts paid back in triple when he's done.


[–]GuysLetsBeNice 18 指標 9小時前

I here people always say this when they mention Dirk's pay cuts. Why will he make the money back after retirement?


[–]TheBestBaller 45 指標 8小時前

People just like to say that because they romanticize the relationship between Dirk and Cuban. I'm sure he will be offered some position for like 5 million a year, but some people make it out be like Cuban is going to give him a small fortune. In the end it's very possible that Dirk could have made more in the long run not taking pay cuts, but did not care because he liked playing for the mavs and didn't need the extra money


[–]ThunderGamerghost44 38 指標 12小時前

I hope Russ retires here, after his current extension ends there's probably one more contract


[–]CavaliersRussell__WestBrick 16 指標 10小時前

Me too.


[–][IND] Victor Oladipolhubbard0 16 指標 10小時前

Username checks out


[–]WarriorsRitzBitzN 22 指標 12小時前

I hope Steph does that at least, ideally Klay too.


[–][CLE] LeBron Jamesvullnet123 12 指標 8小時前

He's a gaurantee unless in his later years we get the veterans squad of old lebron,old kd,old steph.


[–]LakersIlikePogz 8 指標 5小時前

for most of the players like kobe and timmy, why leave when you are already in a team with players who can help you and a great coaching staff like pop and monster teammates like prime shaq. Lebron could have stayed honestly and been with timmy kobe and dirk as the one man who stayed in one team his entire career but the cavs didnt offer lebron the same that the lakers and spurs offered tim and kobe and he prob coulda won one ring at least and been like dirk but thats not what lebron wanted.


[–][NYK] Carmelo Anthonybrownjesus10 133 指標 14小時前

LeBron now sets the professionalism standard for the new NBA generation.


[–]MavericksRed_Hot_Chile_Miners 35 指標 13小時前

His PR agent is pretty good at the very least


[–]Cavalierswiifan55 136 指標 13小時前

No PR agent alone can keep someone as big as Lebron clean for as long as Lebron has been. Lebron himself deserves tons of credit


[–]Spurs2327INF101ABN 24 指標 12小時前

KG was far from professional.


[–][SAS] Brent Barryjeewantha 33 指標 9小時前

He was when you look at it from the team he played for. Upstanding guy. No off the court controversies. Taught rookies and young teammates how to adapt to the league. Bought all the young guys nice tailor made suits. Always stood up for his teammates and coaches. Worked his butt off to get better everyday. Sacrificed his offensive game to be the main defender on the Celtics. He was an absolute professional.


[–][TOR] Norman Powelljovijovi99 402 指標 17小時前

Dirk sonned him and LeBron in the playoffs


[–]TheParquetPosse 171 指標 17小時前

Especially after Wade and LeBron were mocking Dirk for being sick


[–]RocketsApocolympics 316 指標 17小時前

One of the most satisfying series of events in sports history.


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki00pseudothroaway00 120 指標 15小時前

The fact that a rockets fan feels that way about a Mavs chip says everything about the atmosphere of the NBA at the time for non-heat fans lol.


[–]Trail Blazersdownvote_to_agree 53 指標 14小時前

yea. People actually try to compare what lbj experienced to what kd is experiencing.


[–]softnmushy 56 指標 13小時前

Well, what kd did was way worse.

But what lebron experienced was way worse. Mainly because lebron was a bigger star and invited the hate with his theatric decision.


[–]yalogin[] 3 指標 11小時前

Did Dirk announce his retirement?


[–]WarriorsJohnknight111 1 指標 9小時前

All these threads/quotes about Dirk made me fear he announced he was retiring and I didn't know lol.


[–]Lakersbrokid 82 指標 16小時前

dirk is like mr. feeny to me, i’m 27 now and i’ve been watching him since i was in middle school. dirk pls don’t go ):





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