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新闻来源: 美国JRs之声 于 2018-01-13 17:06:38  


The Minnesota Timberwolves have finally graduated from spooky to scary




Yes, it’s me. I’m the guy who made that infamous “Stop Calling My Team Spooky” post some 14 months ago. A lot has changed since then, both for the Wolves and for myself. Got my degree, got a big boy job, and the Wolves decided it was time to stop sucking for the first time in over 13 years.


Let me start by saying that at the time, it was cold as FUCK outside and the Wolves blew a 12 point lead in the last two minutes of the game against the Rockets so it was a combination that led to a meltdown of epic proportions. One that garnered my post x2 gold and one of the more popular copy pastas in r/nba history. I will add that I also made that post from my toilet so forgive me if all you think I do is shitpost.


But I digress... I was sick of losing and all I wanted was for my team to win some games. We closed out last season like we usually do (in the lottery) and I remained skeptical about our future. Was Towns, Wiggins, and LaVine really enough to get us over the hump? We desperately needed veteran leadership and needed players who knew how to win in this league. As talented as those young guys are, they didn’t have that experience. Add in the fact that LaVine tore his ACL and that it’s impossible to get FAs to come to Minnesota, my outlook on this season was bleak.


That was until Thibs decided to pull the trigger on a deal centered around Jimmy Butler. All of Minnesota rejoiced about that one even though we all love LaVine (good luck this Saturday my dude). But even still, there were questions. How would Butler and Wiggins mesh? Does this star studded trio fit together on the court? Do the wolves have enough bench pieces? Is Thibs the right coach for this team? Etc etc


 In our first 10 games, we started the season 7-3. Our best start since the early 2000s. We looked good but not great. I was still hesitant to say we turned the corner. Being a Minnesota sports fan brings the pessimist out of the most optimistic people. You’re used to being let down so I was definitely guarded. Over the first couple months, I liked where we were at but the team was terrible defensively and KAT was arguably the worst defender in the NBA, not something you really want out of your potential top 5 player. We lost a lot of games against really bad teams and ultimately, I know that the best teams in this league don’t let down against inferior opponents.


But with all the ups and downs of this season so far, the Wolves sit in the 4th seed in the West at 27-16, and only 3.5 games back of the 2nd seed behind Houston. A lot of people questioned whether or not the Wolves would even make the playoffs but at this point in the season, it looks like they are one of the top teams in the league.


But it’s especially impressive what they’ve done their last 15 games and it finally seems like everyone is buying in.


The Wolves are 11-4 in their last 15 and rank first in the NBA in offensive rating at 113.5 and 6th in defensive rating at 103.2. Its a net rating of 10.3 which is a total of 4 points better than the next closest team (Toronto). This is all the while Jeff Teague missed 7 straight games and key bench piece Bjelica still working to find his groove after missing 14 games in late November through much of December.


The Wolves have won 3 straight games by 15+ points which is the first time this has happened since 2003. This included a whopping 41 point lead against LeBron James and his Cavaliers. Sorry about that worst +/- of your career bron bron I still love you dawg.


But the best thing to come from this all? Jimmy Butler quotes from the locker room. Name a more dynamic duo than Towns and Butler banter.... you can’t. This team went from looking like they were attending a funeral every time they stepped on the court to finally showing some emotion and having fun with the game of basketball.


Folks, go ahead and call my team scary, I’ll try not to have a meltdown again.


[–][GSW] JaVale McGeeptam 3826 指標 12小時前

Timberwolf bar mitzvah, spooky -》 scary.

Pups becoming men. Men becoming Wolves.

木狼成年礼: 从天赋满满小狼崽变成人见人怕嗜血野狼。

[–][SAS] Beno Udrih8coffeesandcounting 1172 指標 12小時前*

Thibs rn


“老子要把(森林)狼调教好。”[译注1}[译注1]改编自Kanye West的经典名言:“老子要把“狼”这首歌调理好。”[–][NYK] Qyntel WoodsBlacramento 537 指標 12小時前

 [–]BullsBlackMathNerd 259 指標 11小時前

So to kill the Bucks we need the Wolves.

Got it.



[–]Timberwolvesjkgaspar4994 153 指標 10小時前

We blew a 20 point lead to the Bucks. Pls no more Giannis and Bledsoe.


[–]Bullswhothark_futhark 67 指標 10小時前

A Bucks-Timberwolves finals would generate nearly as much interest as an average Vikings-Packers game.


[–]BullsBone_Dogg 56 指標 9小時前

At least my own personal interest would be much higher than Cavs/Warriors.



[–]Celticsbigvahe33 1576 指標 12小時前

Enjoy this moment - its when you go from being underrated to hated.


[–]A_Little_Older 450 指標 12小時前

Based on the posts about KAT and Wiggins, I’d say they’re already hated.


[–][CHI] Lauri Markkanenklobbermang 502 指標 12小時前

But Jimmy pulls it back toward at least neutral.


[–][GSW] Draymond GreenMacDerfus 220 指標 10小時前

The Kayak alone gives him a pass for the entire season



[–][CHI] Jud BuechlerThexJwubbz 115 指標 9小時前

If you hate Jimmy Butler then i hate you.


[–]Bullsapple_2 40 指標 9小時前

I love that you will hate someone that hates someone I love. I appreciate you.


[–][MIN] Shabazz MuhammadKdeal3000 40 指標 11小時前

KAT is becoming more liked tho I think


[–]Wizardslivefreeordont 56 指標 11小時前

KAT was loved before people actually started watching him this season


[–]SpursSmellmyhand 86 指標 10小時前*

People don’t even watch him still. All the shit I hear people say about him on defense is some armchair bullshit. Everyone that was saying he’s bad on defense because he doesn’t try is a fucking idiot. He was a bad defender but not for lack of trying。


[–]TimberwolvesUnder_the_Neath 42 指標 10小時前

People need to watch him now. He dominated the matchup with Adams this time. The previous 3 times he got owned by Adams. He's evolving!




[–]SpursSmellmyhand 46 指標 10小時前

Shit not just Adams. Held his own against Boogie and AD. He’s doing great in match ups on bigs that everyone said was better than him. Can’t wait until the game against the Knicks.


[–]Lakersgill2k 253 指標 12小時前



[–][CHI] Derrick Rosejeric13xd 120 指標 10小時前

Daddy. I miss you


[–]BullsFleetfox17 45 指標 9小時前

I think this is one of those rare cases where a trade makes sense for both teams, and both teams end up benefiting.


[–]Lakerszbreeze3 28 指標 9小時前

Indiana/OKC too, yeah?


[–]KnicksJHWM4 18 指標 8小時前

NYC/OKC too, yeah?


[–][CLE] LeBron JamesBaadeHendrix 20 指標 8小時前

MIN/CLE too, yeah?


[–]BullsIncorrectPin 59 指標 8小時前

BOS/NETS, yeah?


[–]Bullswjbc 17 指標 6小時前

A trade too far...


[–]Timberwolvesjaggazz 437 指標 12小時前

Being a Minnesota sports fan brings the pessimist out of the most optimistic people.

I've graduated from Pessimist to being "Cautiously Optimistic" with both the Wolves and the Vikings. I'm just glad I have Monday off work as a holiday in case the Vikings pull another Blair Walsh Wide Left meltdown on Sunday.




[–]this_place_stinks 19 指標 10小時前

Smh as a Cleveland sports fan I can tell you “cautiously optimistic” is part of the viscous cycle leading to another stomach punch. The second you start to let your guard down after many years of expecting the worst is when you get smacked again.


[–]Timberwolvesjaggazz 20 指標 10小時前

To be fair though, Browns fans get smacked back into reality by week 2 of the season.



[–]EricHangingOut 129 指標 11小時前

Didn't some dude on this sub post like a week ago about how the Wolves were dumb to trade for Jimmy fucking Butler and that shit was upvoted?

Jimmy is a top-10 player in the league, but I guess his true shooting percentage isn't high enough for the budding NASA engineers on here to get hard.

With a core of Jimmy/Wiggins/KAT - I'm pretty confident that they're as legit contender as anyone (assuming something happens to the Warriors), so long as KAT continues to make strides and becomes a legit top 15 guy in this league.




 [–]PelicansTeeWhyThyGuy 38 指標 9小時前

budding NASA engineers

"Well, if you refer to these graphs, by my calculations..."



[–]RocketsLezardValeth 20 指標 8小時前

Stats nerds love Jimmy Butler though. His TS% is actually really good despite whatever that guy said and his RPM numbers are in the top 10 both this season and last.


[–]TimberwolvesRochel1e_Rochel1e 6 指標 5小時前

Remember when Bill Simmons put out a list of his top 20 NBA players and Jimmy wasn't on it? Ol' Billy really doesn't have his finger on the pulse of the NBA anymore, sadly




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